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Welcome to IEEE GHTC 2015 Contests Online Portal

Organized by IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional society with over 400,000 members in over 160 countries, IEEE GHTC focuses on advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. This cross-disciplinary annual conference provides the perfect venue for those interested in humanitarian projects to join their peers in Seattle. The conference attracts a global audience of educators, engineers, scientist, practitioners, philanthropists, corporations, foundations, NGO’s and others interested in applying technology to develop effective solutions for the challenges facing the world’s underserved populations. 

Motivated by IEEE’s core mission of fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity, the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), started in 2011 as the flagship conference series, focuses on applying technology to solve the world’s most pressing humanitarian and development challenges.

The GHTC 2015 is designed to gather scientists, engineers, technology professionals, academics, foundations, government and non-government organizations, and individuals engaged in humanitarian works to discuss and develop solutions for present and future humanitarian needs. Keynotes, Panel Sessions, Tutorials, and Technical Papers will be presented by renowned individuals in the field. They will highlight new technologies, business models, and social entrepreneurship initiatives that help improve the livelihoods of the under-privileged. GHTC hopes to stimulate the growth of a worldwide community that places priority on developing technology for sustainable human prosperity.

To encourage and recognize student research talent, ingenuity and accomplishment in keeping with the theme of the conference on Global Humanitarian Technology, IEEE GHTC continues to sponsor the Student Paper Contest.

The goal is to encourage more students (undergraduate and graduates) to demonstrate or describe and discuss a topic in applying technologies, and to aware of the effective use of innovative technologies to contribute to a global humanitarian cause. Topical ideas should be aligned with the conference tracks and topics.